Jason & Travis Kelce Settle The “Is ‘Die Hard’ A Christmas Movie?” Debate

Travis and Jason Kelce
New Heights Podcast

Christmas is a holiday that normally has the power to bring people together, but there’s one holiday debate that tears more friend groups and families apart than anything else: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

The 1988 Bruce Willis-led action movie certainly doesn’t scream Christmas like some other holiday classics do, though it does have portions of it that some would consider “Christmas adjacent.” Debates around Die Hard have been raging for decades, with many people claiming that it’s the best x-mas movie solely because it takes place during the holiday season.

Others claim that John McClane (Bruce Willis) running around and taking out bad guys one by one doesn’t exude the holiday spirit necessary for it to be deemed a Christmas film. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that most guys are team “Die Hard Christmas,” while most gals would prefer to snuggle up and watch more Christmassy (let’s just say that a word) productions like Elf or Home Alone.

However, I might’ve spoken too soon saying that, considering two guys on a podcast go against that hypothesis. The New Heights podcast with Jason and Travis Kelce tackled the question of Die Hard being a Christmas movie, and the two NFL stars didn’t take too long to settle the question.

Almost as soon as they started discussing the topic, they both agreed that the classic action movie was exactly that, and not a classic Christmas movie. Jason gave a more long-winded explanation as to why, while Taylor Swift’s boyfriend mainly nodded his head and smiled:

“Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. It’s a movie you should watch around Christmas. It’s not a Christmas spirit movie.

I wouldn’t say it’s a Christmas movie because you can watch it at anytime of the year. It’s not strictly a Christmas time movie.”

Well,  there you have it… I guess Travis and Jason Kelce settled it once and for all.

You can view the NFL brothers talk more about Die Hard, as well as other Christmas movies, around the 18 minute mark of the video below:

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