Tom Brady Responds After Family Picks Up Their Photo Order From CVS & Gets A Photo Of Brady’s Family Instead

Tom Brady

If you’re wanting to really cherish a memory, there’s nothing quite like a good, old-fashioned printed out photo.

In this digital age, there aren’t a lot of photo orders anymore, with everyone keeping albums of pictures on their phones, or posting them onto the online photo album known as Facebook.

For the younger demographic checking into this story, there used to be these things called “physical photo albums” that took up tons of shelf space, and the collection of memories also acted as a collection of dust (A.K.A. they were rarely opened up).

Some people still like to keep the world of physical photos alive, and one of the more popular places to gets photographs printed is your friendly neighborhood CVS pharmacy. And thanks to a recent TikTok that’s gone viral, we know that some people still utilize CVS’s photo services.

In the clip, a TikTok user from California posts the picture of her and her family with the caption “the photo my mom ordered to CVS,” then posted the picture of NFL legend Tom Brady and his children with the caption “the photo my mom was given.”

The video, which has racked up almost 100,000 likes, was posted with the caption:

“We can do a trade if you have our photo?”

Not a stretch to assume that if they got Tom Brady’s family photo, Brady must have gotten the picture of their family. But why would Tom Brady be printing out photos at a CVS in the San Francisco?

The 7-time Super Bowl champion decided he would clear up at least part of the confusion by leaving a comment in the reply section of the TikTok, saying:

“My mom must have been printing some photos out in San Francisco.”

Still a hilarious mix up, and I can’t imagine picking up a photo order and having your pictures mixed up with those of a celebrity. Hopefully they’ll do a photo swap at some point, but the TikTok user at least got some attention from the G.O.A.T. himself on the popular social media site.

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