Panicked Hikers Run From Bear In Glacier National Park: “Did Everything We Weren’t Supposed To Do”

Hikers run from bear

I guess someone thought they were faster than their closest friend. I don’t want to see anybody become a bear’s breakfast on the top of a mountain. Well, I don’t want to see it anywhere, but it would be a bad racket all the way up there.

Bear safety 101 says “DO NOT RUN FROM A BEAR.”,” or most wildlife for that matter. If you’re running from a predator, they may wind up thinking you look like dinner. The key is to try and be calm and make slower movements to not entice or startle the animal.

But, we all know that even though this almost seems like common sense, when people have these encounters they don’t always go how they should. Fight or flight takes over, and people do the first thing that comes to mind when they sense danger… they run.

The one encouraging thing about this video is the fact they are trying to get away from the animal instead of closer, usually we see the opposite. This group of hikers topped a peak when they came across a bear. The video shows a whole group of them literally running away. Even the guy who shared it did so with the caption:

“Did everything we weren’t supposed to do when seeing a bear.”

Nothing can go wrong running on a rocky mountain peak… from a bear. I can tell you one thing, I would be trying my best to be the fastest once everyone started running.

Everyone seemed to make it out okay, but let’s not run from these bad boys.

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Cyclist Stumbles Upon Jacked Mountain Goat At Glacier National Park

When you think of the average goat, you think of small, innocent creatures with small horns and some of the creepiest eyes you’ve ever seen. Or maybe you think of those weirdos doing goat yoga in the park… right before they shuffle off to get a post workout pumpkin spice latte.

But nah… this one was made in a lab.

Okay, okay, mountain goats are typically bigger than your average goat you’d see on a farm, as they typically stand around 39 inches tall at the shoulder, and males can weigh up to 260 pounds. But this guy right here, this is the goliath of mountain goats, or the Shawn Oakman of mountain goats, if you will…

Remember that guy?

Imagine cycling down a winding mountain road, enjoying the views and going only about 25 mph so you don’t send it off the side of a mountain, and then you come across this thing looking you dead in the eyes.

It’s unclear where this encounter happened, but it looks like Logan Pass in Glacier National Park, Montana. That son of a gun looks bigger than a horse.

Climbing mountains all day, this big SOB does NOT skip leg day… or shoulder day, or chest day… or any of them.

I just think they needed this guy to be on that Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercial, instead of Cyrus the bull:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock