California Man Continues To Get Away With Assault

Draymond Green

California is out of control…

A California man once again assaulted another person, and now could be considered a serial offender.

The man, whose name is Draymond Green, plays professional basketball for the Golden State Warriors, and has time and time again chosen to punch, kick, and club anyone that he chooses. Despite the repeat offenses, the California man continues to act recklessly and refuses to take responsibility for his actions.

Just a month ago, Green put another man who also plays professional basketball in a chokehold during a game, and one could argue for no reason other than he really wanted to. You can view the incident below, where Draymond runs into the scuffle just so he can put another basketball player he doesn’t like into a headlock:

That’s not the first time that this California man has been aggressive towards others (he once sucker punched his own teammate during practice), and as we saw during a game on December 12th, it wasn’t his last time either.

Draymond Green was hit with a five-game suspension following the choke hold incident, and many thought that punishment wasn’t enough for the California resident to learn his lesson. Those people would be correct, because after serving the suspension, Green decided to get back out onto the court so he could continue to assault others.

During a game between the Golden State Warriors and the Phoenix Suns, the California man was back at it again, and assaulted one of his opponents with a wild, dangerous, swinging right hook that Green swears was “an accident.”

Go ahead and check out the video, and you tell me if it looks like an accident to you:

Yeah, I’m no expert on assault, or accidental arm swinging, but that looked pretty intentional to me…

Kareem had the skyhook, Allen Iverson had the crossover, and Draymond Green has the “I’m Going To Assault You” as his signature move. The opponent who took the brunt force of the Draymond Green, Jusuf Nurkić, had this to say after the game when talking about the flagrant foul he was on the receiving end of:

“What’s going on with him, I don’t know. Personally, I feel like that brother needs help. And I’m glad he (did) not try to choke me, but at the same time, that has nothing to do with basketball man. I’m just out there trying to play basketball, and they’re swinging.”

The California man, who continues to get away with assault (in front of thousands of witnesses) is likely going to face another suspension after this most recent ejection. The NBA takes into account the history of the player when deciding on disciplinary measures, and considering that Green did this just five games after he got done serving a five-game suspension, there’s a chance the NBA “brings the hammer down” with this next suspension.

And while we are on the subject, we might as well take a look at some of Draymond Green’s greatest hits (literally).

Take a look:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock