Giants QB Tommy DeVito’s Agent Sean Stellato Is An Overnight Sensation, May Also Be Part Of The Italian Mafia

Tommy DeVito New York Giants

Tommy DeVito is taking the work by storm.

Everything about this family is top-notch, from his incredible performance on the field to the chicken cutlets at their tailgate to the chef’s kiss of Italian hand gestures.

But while the New York Giants quarterback is capturing the hearts of football fans everywhere, his agent is also turning quite a few heads last night during the Monday Night Football game against the Green Bay Packers.

I mean, Sean Stellato HAS to be a part of the Italian mafia?

Broadcasters captured a clip of Stellato on the field with him before the game, and he looks like he stepped straight out of A Bronx Tale, with his black felt fedora and all-back suit with a subtle pinstripe. As the camera zooms in on him, he is chatting on the phone, probably making a crucial business deal with some mild threats thrown in there.

“That’s his agent, that’s Tommy DeVito’s agent. As a guy who had an Italian grandpa from Brooklyn, I get it. That’s a handsome handsome look right there. 

Tommy Devito is right there under the bright lights of Monday night football, trying to get the Giants their fifth victory.”

As for the caption of this Tweet, I second that I’d love a season of Quarterback with it being narrated like Goodfellas. 

The man is the definition of suave; I cannot lie. Just walking into a room with this man as his agent, you know he commands the respect of the room because you have to wonder what kind of ties to powerful people he might have ties to.

And Stellato actually has a football background himself: Before founding his agency, Stellato Enhanced Sports, he was a record-setting wide receiver at Marist College, while also spending some time playing arena football.

Twitter has been FANGIRLING over all aspects of Tommy DeVito’s family, but his agent might be getting as much screen time as DeVito himself.

I think Tommy DeVito’s agent just became my version of the Roman Empire.

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