Chris Stapleton’s Unreleased “The Right Ones” Might Be Your New Favorite Stapleton Song

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Chris Stapleton

I’ve had this one on repeat for a long time now…

It’s pretty hard to believe that Chris Stapleton has songs this good just laying around. But with the kind of career Chris has had, and still is having (fresh off the release of his 5th career album Higher), it seems like there is just an endless supply of songs in the Chris Stapleton vault.

But then again, I suppose that’s why he’s one of the best.

This tune was never one of “the right ones,” as it never made the record, but damn if it doesn’t rock. Co-written alongside Dan Wilson, the frontman for the band Semisonic, down in New Orleans, it actually might be my favorite Chris Stapleton song.

Is it his best? No, probably not… but it’s just so damn catchy. Here’s a live version from quite a few years ago:

Chris Stapleton Reveals “Higher” Was Written Over 20 Years Ago

No doubt about it, Stapleton is opening the vault, as he always does, finally releasing songs that have been marinating over the years.

He first sang (that we have record of) “It Takes A Woman” back in 2013 at Nashville’s Station Inn when Stapleton was focusing on his songwriting career, and he recently revealed the title track of the album, “Higher,” has also been in hi back pocket for quite some time.

During a recent sit down with The Today Show, Stapleton revealed that he wrote “Higher” over twenty years ago.

“The title track “Higher” is what 22… 23 years old. That song was on the first demo session I ever did when I moved to town (Nashville) as a songwriter. I wrote that song by myself, and it’s been hanging around ever since.”

Willie Geist, who was conducting the interview, naturally was curious as to why it took Stapleton so long to pull that track off the shelf and what was the deciding factor to finally take it to the studio.

“I think I was probably afraid of it for a long time. My wife would always push for that song and be like, ‘You should try that.’

I was always like, ‘Eh, I don’t know if I have it right now, I don’t know if I have that anymore.'”

What he is referring to is the high notes found in the chorus of the song. After he makes that statement, a snippet of “Higher” plays in the background, highlighting the incredible range that Stapleton’s vocals can hit.

“That’s me on a good day.” 

Good day? You can sing anybody in the business under the table, Chris… let ‘er rip.


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