Zach Bryan Releases Heartfelt New Music Video For “Boys of Faith”

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Trevor Pavlik

Another great, high quality music from Zach Bryan.

Today, he released what feels like more of a short film for his song “Boys of Faith,” which was the title track to his EP that was released in September.

Written by Zach and the band Bon Iver, the tune also features some of their vocals, and tells a classic coming of age story that is really a nostalgic look back on the trials of growing up and the friends who went through it with you.

Compared to how many songs are in his catalog, Zach doesn’t release a ton of music videos, but when he does, they’re always very well done and thoughtful.

Here, you see a young man going through a box of his father’s stuff, who has passed away, and he finds a scrapbook journal of sorts that’s filled with photos and notes from a road trip his dad took in 1999.

The boy sets off on a similar trek with some of his friends, and ultimately finds closure at the end of the journey.

Check it out:

50 Cent Says Zach Bryan Is “The Best New Everything In Country Music”

50 Cent giving his two cents on the Zach Bryan phenomenon (for whatever that’s really worth, I guess…).

Zach is currently in Australia for a run of shows down under, and he took time to see rapper 50 Cent in concert too, who was also in Australia for his The Final Lap tour.

Zach shared a photo of them together, along with some other photos from trip so far, with the simple caption:

“Life is beautiful, God is good.”

And 50 Cent also took to Instagram to share a photo and some very kind words about Zach with his 30 million + followers, calling Zach “the best new everything in country music.”

Safe to say, sounds like 50 is a BIG country guy… who woulda thought:

“My boy Zach Bryan stopped by to see me last night.

I told him, he the best new everything in country music. Melbourne was fire show 2 tonight.”

Coming from an internationally recognized, Grammy-winning, multi-Platinum selling superstar who has been in the business for over 25 years now, I’d say that’s some pretty high praise and a fairly accurate assessment:

I could list all of Zach’s impressive accolades, like his American Heartbreak earning the most streams of any country album in 2022 on both Spotify and Apple Music, his recent New Artist of the Year CMA nomination, Billboard Music Awards trophies, and even 2023 Grammy nominations, but if you’re reading this article, I think you probably know what kind of superstar Zach has become over the last several years.

Maybe a 50 Cent/ZB collab isn’t too far off of an idea one day… I don’t know what the hell it would even sound like, but it would certainly be interesting.

Gonna have this stuck in my head for the rest of the day now…


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