UNLV Student Missed Being On Campus During Deadly Shooting Because He Left To Go To Whopper Wednesday: “Burger King Saved My Life”

Burger King
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Absolutely horrific news out of the University of Nevada Las Vegas today.

Three people were killed at UNLV when a 62-year old former professor who had reportedly been denied a job at the school opened fire before responding officers rushed in and killed the active shooter.

The shooting took place inside Beam Hall, which houses the university’s college of business, and authorities say the number of casualties could have been much greater had officers not been able to take the suspect down so quickly.

But one UNLV student had an unexpected savior during the shooting: Burger King.

A Twitter/X user posted screenshots of a text exchange with his brother, a student at UNLV, checking in to make sure that he was safe during the massacre.

And luckily the brother wasn’t on campus – because he had left to go to Whopper Wednesday at Burger King.

(If you’re not familiar, Whopper Wednesday is a special that the fast food chain runs where they offer their signature hamburger for only $3. It’s no wonder he couldn’t resist).

The student, Michael Burdick, also posted what turned out to be an ill-timed photo of his Whopper to the university’s snap story, apparently unaware that the shooting was going on:

I’d bet that there’s never been anybody as thankful for Burger King as this guy was – and he’s probably thankful that the cravings hit when they did.

As he put it:

“Burger King saved my life.”

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