Colorado Man Wakes To Find A Whole Family Of Mountain Lions On His Porch

Mountain Lions on Colorado man's porch

That’s what nightmares are made of…

Mountain lions are some of the most feared predators in our forest and there’s a good reason for it. They are trained killers who attack quickly using their leaping ability, speed and powerful bite to their advantage. They often take down their prey fast, grabbing onto their neck and holding their jaws tight until it’s all over. However, despite all those physical attributes, their element of surprise might their most useful skill.

Mountain lions move in silence, slowly creeping through woods in search of prey. Most of the time, when you see one, it probably saw you first. And they use that stealth when hunting to ambush their prey. So naturally, the last thing you want to see is a mother and her three cubs hanging around your yard looking for some training opportunities.

I mean… that’s a lot of killer kitties on the loose near your home. No one wants to see their fury friends going missing right out of the back door or even have a bad run-in yourself on the way to check the mail one morning. A female mountain lion usually weighs around 100 pounds, add in three more cats that are only slightly smaller and you have yourself a large problem.

This Conifer, Colorado man had a huge surprise while having his usual morning coffee. As he looked out onto his deck he noticed not one, two or three mountain lions, but four of them. The cougars continue to wander around and explore the porch, and seem to be drinking out of a pot.

The mother peers in the windows as the man sits and films it all go down. Eventually the cats all head down the stores and back into the woods.

“HOLY CATS! This was taken at 6am this morning from my next door neighbors porch. We share a driveway and are about a 30 second walk from each other.

When the lions go under the trailer they are headed into my yard. Good LORD! My little Pete is now on a leash 24/7!”

Bad news for Pete…

I bet this guy will be looking over his shoulder a bit more the next time he’s out in the yard.

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