Baby Goat Sings An Octave Higher During First Run-In With Electrical Fence

goat hits electric fence

That’s one way to learn real quick what an electric fence is.

Electric fencing… truly one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your herd in their pen. The little cable wires are easy to replace, not expensive to purchase, and are fencing that your animals will respect.

For those unfamiliar with livestock fencing, I’m sure you read that last reason and scratched your head. Yes, respect the fencing. The small electrical current given off is NOT something animals will want to go anywhere near once they experience their first zap.

This baby goat learned the hard way to stay away from spicy strings.

A family was taking a video of their kids grazing in the pasture when they caught one of them trying to itch a scratch on the top of his back. As the goat saw the fence was just the height he needed to get that itch, he wandered over to the fencing, thinking he was about to find a PRIME back scratcher.

The poor buddy gets a little taste of what the electric fence is made of and sings to the high heavens as he scurries away from the charged wire. The goat hits octaves I am sure he never dreamed of… the opera performance of a lifetime.

The other goats in the field look confused as he runs over and tries to act like nothing happened. While the goat is trying to save face, the owners can’t help but giggle.

That’s one you won’t have to worry about testing the fence again.

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