“Feels Like A Volcano Sh*t In My Eyes” – Reaction Of Ohio High School Students Being Pepper Sprayed For Criminal Science Class Goes Viral

pepper sprayed kids in Ohio
Baberton High School

I’ll never forget being an idiot my freshman year in college, when me and my friends got drunk and had the great idea of using a taser on ourselves just to see what it felt like. Needless to say, I immediately regretted that stunt, and made the decision right then and there that I will NEVER run from the cops.

And why did my friend own a random taser? I have no clue. My 19-year-old self didn’t think that stuff through at the time. However, I could never imagine being dead sober, and willingly volunteering to take pepper spray straight to the face.

With that being said, an old video is surfacing of a group of high school students in Ohio, who volunteered to get pepper sprayed by their instructor for their law and public safety class.

According to CNN, the group was a bunch of 11th graders out of Barberton High School in Barberton, Ohio back in 2017…

And boy, their reactions are priceless.

You can almost feel the “I immediately regret this decision” just by watching the video. You’ve got some students with their hands on their knees, some clutching onto each other for dear life, and almost all of them screaming in pain and agony. You’d think they were being tortured by some of the screams, meanwhile the folks behind the camera chirp them for whining so much.

At one point you can hear a student yell:

“It feels like a volcano shit in my eyes.”

The teacher was reportedly a former police chief, who was using this as a demonstration for lessons in defensive tactics and training. Students volunteered for the activity, and also had to have a parent sign a permission slip.

All in the name of science I guess…

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