Wynonna Judds Performs Beautiful Stripped-Back Version Of “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Old Days)”

YouTube/Bernie Marsiglia

One of my favorite tracks from The Judds.

Wynonna Judd is in the thick of her Back To Wy tour, and while the focus of the setlist highlights the incredible works from her solo career, it would also be wrong not to play a few songs showcasing the success she had with her mother Naomi as The Judds.

During a show in Durham, North Carolina, Wynonna delivered a stunning acoustic version of “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Old Days).” The stripped-down song was performed with a string quartet of a standing bass, a mandolin, and a second acoustic guitar on top of her playing at the microphone.

Wynonna is known for her powerful vocals, and this song highlights the beauty in her voice through a track with such a tender message.

“This is a favorite.”

The audience goes wild when they recognize it, and soon, they sing every word alongside Wynonna. Her vocals sound nearly identical to the studio cut recorded in 1985. During the chorus, where they would generally be harmonies, the crowd steps up and helps out with the lines, then dials back their sing-along during the verses to focus on Wynonna’s voice.

During one of the last choruses, she stepped back and let the crowd take the lead, and it honestly choked me up seeing Wynonna listen to the words being sung back to her. It appears she is having a moment on stage reflecting on the times she’s shared the microphone with her mom for the track; smiling and living in the moment.

The whole performance looked magical to experience in person. It’s good to see Wynonna playing these classic hits from The Judds.

There will never be a mother-daughter duo like The Judds.

Just because it is so dang good, here is the track’s original version.

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