Picturesque Romance: Julius Randle Argued With An Official In The Background Of A Knicks Fan’s Courtside Proposal

New York Knicks proposal

Love was in the air at Madison Square Garden! We had the biggest moment of this young man’s life, proposing to his lady, partially on the court in front of a massive audience and in one of the most iconic venues in America/the world. She said yes. Big success, right!?

Well. It appears this occurred during a brief stoppage in play, during which New York Knicks forward Julius Randle felt compelled to argue the finer points of basketball with a referee dead-smack in the middle of the epic proposal:

I swear I’m not usually a conspiracy theorist, or believe that mankind is innately rife with ulterior, cruel motives. HOWEVER. You can’t tell me this photographer didn’t do his or her utmost to make sure Randle’s argument with the ref was in the frame at all times.

We got multiple angles of the guy on one knee. We got a push in for the “yes” and kiss combo. Randle seldom left the frame. I’m in love with this couple for powering through even though the whole Randle saga was unbeknownst to them. And I’m in love with Julius Randle for making all of this possible. The photographer made all this magic happen, though. Had to have recognized this was a golden opportunity for some viral content, and DID. NOT. MISS.

My buddy Hubbs got a great still shot that should be hung in The Louvre. Or perhaps a little more local at MoMA.

Whatever Randle was arguing to serve as a gigantic distraction from the guy who asked for his significant other’s hand in marriage, he wound up being instrumental in the home team’s winning effort. He proceeded to light up the Pistons for 29 points, 10 rebounds and eight assists in New York’s 118-112 victory. Would’ve been a bummer for this happy couple to go home with a loss. Thanks largely to Randle, that didn’t happen.

That’s all I got. Congrats to this pair for successfully finding a mate in the chaotic dating scene of the greater New York City area that ya boii is struggling to navigate. ‘Tis indeed a concrete jungle out here.

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