Little Lad Is FIRED UP About His “Classic” Part In School’s Nativity Play… As Door Holder #3

Kid in carseat

They say that there are no small parts, only small actors, but this little lad right here, has a CLASSIC one.

It might be the most heartwarming video on the internet right now, and the British accent adds so much to it. As the holiday season is in full swing now that Thanksgiving is over, families are busy preparing for hosting, making sure the Christmas shopping is done, and, most importantly, preparing for children’s Nutcracker performances or school plays.

A young boy could NOT wait to get in the car from pick-up to tell his mom what he was cast as for his school’s nativity play. As the boy, Milo, eats his after-school snack, he can’t wait to tell his mom the exciting news. He tees her up to guess his role, describing it as a “classic role.”

“Guess what I am for nativity? It’s a CLASSIC one.” 

The mother starts guessing, starting off with the apparent guesses from his description. She begins with Joseph. Nope. Moves on to guess that he is one of the three wise men. Still not it. So, at this point, the mother is getting perplexed. There aren’t THAT many characters in the nativity story.

After thinking about it for a few more moments, the mom asks Milo to tell her what his part is because she is stumped.

“I’m door holder number three! I’ll be holding doors.”

The mom bursts out excited that her son is so glad he has been chosen for this breakout role. Of course, like any parent, she wants to learn more about what the thrilling role of “door holder number three” gets to do during the play. Milo says he will be responsible for holding doors for Joseph and Mary.

While it doesn’t seem like a prominent role, he is so excited that his mother makes sure this is what he wants, and he is pleased with his assignment.

“I was like, ‘I’m a door holder. Get in there. Let’s go!.'”

He is beaming from ear to ear, continuing to tell his mom about his brown attire he will need to play door holder number three properly.

Watch out, world; this kid will be on Broadway one day and dedicate his first Tony to the role that made him fall in love with acting… door holder number three.

@itsgoneviral That is a classic role 😂 ( ARK Media ) #kidsoftiktok #classic #nativity #funny #christmastiktok ♬ original sound – It’s Gone Viral

The comments on the video are just as good, if not better, than the content viewers are watching. I think the collective would die on a hill to see Milo in his prized role.

“Listen, if the door ain’t open, they can’t get in, so this role is pivotal in the story.”

“When he said it was classic, I immediately knew it was door holder #3.”

“Idk about y’all, but I only attend the local nativity to bear witness to door holder number 3.”

“I don’t know who is sweeter – Milo being stoked to be door holder number 3 or mom who doesn’t miss a beat telling him it’s amazing.”

“I’m sensing an Oscar in the future.”

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