Drayton Farley Enlists Sam Barber For Acoustic Jam Of “Pitchin’ Fits”

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Drayton Farley

Beyond here for this collaboration.

Drayton Farley’s “Pitchin’ Fits” is a knockout track from the Alabama native and is a staple track off his 2021 album, A Hard Up Life. While Drayton Farley often shares solid videos of himself acoustically covering and singing his songs, his most recent post skyrocketed to the top of my list of favorites.

Farley shared a video of him and Sam Barber messing around on the guitar, laying down a stellar version of “Pitchin’ Fits.” Farley opens up the video as the two strum their guitars, singing the song’s first line. Barber came in to sing the next little bit, and I was honestly jaw-dropped at how incredible his voice sounded singing Farley’s words.

Sam Barber keeps the powerful delivery of his vocals. I love that the delivery of these words matches the airy powerfulness that Farley processes instead of the “use every last breath” wailing that we know Barber processes. It highlights the strength of his vocals in a new light.

But their individual deliveries are just the start of it. When their voices join together…chills.

Hearing them both scale their voices to match each other in the first few words they sing shows the artistry that Farley and Barber process and their adjustments make for the perfect harmonious match-up. It’s easy to stick to your guns and sing a song like you do in the car, but being able to adjust and match who you are performing with is beyond impressive.

Maybe Drayton Farley should follow suit of Tanner Usrey reimagining “Beautiful Lies” with Ella Langley and bring Sam Barber into the studio for a second version of this track.

I might be “Pitchin’ Fits” until I see that one happen. Or I’m going to need the full version of this acoustic mess around released.

And if you aren’t familiar with the track, check out the studio cut while you’re here.

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