Morgan Wallen Shoots His Shot To Golf With Tom Brady, & The GOAT Accepts

Morgan Wallen Tom Brady
David Lehr

This has to happen.

We all know Tom Brady is the GOAT. The greatest statistical quarterback in NFL history, the winningest quarterback in NFL history, and on top of that, the man holds a boatload of quarterback records.

And of course, we all know Morgan Wallen as the biggest name in mainstream country music right now (and arguably all of music) with the most streamed song AND album in music according to Spotify’s annual Wrapped data.

Yesterday, Brady posted a few video clips on Instagram of himself hitting some golf shots on the driving range, playing Wallen’s songs “Broadway Girls” featuring Lil’ Durk, and “Whiskey Friends.”

So, Morgan noticed the post, and reposted on his Instagram story, asking the question:

“When we playing a match??”

That’s when Brady responded:


Of course, “let’s go” and “let’s f*cking go” are two things Brady used to always scream at fans before games. Anyways, this golf match has to happen. For the sake of the NFL and country music worlds, this would be 10/10 television right here.

I’m pretty sure Brady is a scratch golfer and now that he is officially retired, I’m sure his game is looking pretty sharp out there on the links. I mean, what else do you do all day when you’re retired (and recently divorced)?

As for Wallen? I’m not so sure, but judging by past videos I’ve seen of him playing, the guy has some game himself. He plays pretty damn often, and is a natural athlete who played baseball all of his life.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for this one.

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