Kid Is WAY Too Calm About The Massive Bear That Is Following Close Behind Him

Bear following kid in Italy

Imagine enjoying a beautiful day on the Italian country side as a kid, mindlessly picking up pine cones with your dad and enjoying the scenery, when all of a sudden a brown bear shows itself and goes into a full on staring contest with you.

I already know that my 12-year-old self would’ve probably lost all self control. But this kid right here? The definition of nerves of steel.

And I’m not talking about some small bear. The son of a gun in this video is about as big as they come. In this wild video, you can see a GINORMOUS brown bear come face-to-face with the kid, so the kid follows the instructions of his father and begins to slowly make his way back down the hill.

But, the bear is sure to follow closely behind. The bear doesn’t appear to be hostile, and more so curious of what the kid has in his hand, but I don’t care. If a grizzly is right on my heels, I ain’t gonna risk it.

It appears that everybody was able to survive the encounter without any injury, but one can only imagine the terrible ending this video would have if the kid had approached the creature. And fun fact, the caption says grizzly, but it’s actually a Marsican brown bear, one of the last known bear species in all of Italy.

Check it out:

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