Goat Squares Up Perfect Headbutt On Naive Girl Trying To Snap A Selfie

Goat headbutts woman

Going to need an ice pack and two Advil for that heavy dose of reality…

Like many people, I have a dream of one day owning my own little farm. Nothing crazy, some veggies, chickens, hopefully sheep and maybe a dairy cow, but one thing that’s almost a must have are goats. How do you not like these guys? They can eat practically everything, act all funny when running around, and at times can be cute and cuddly little creatures that would just be plain fun to be around.

But one thing’s for certain; You have to remember they are animals that have animal instincts and no amount of petting or feeding will outweigh that. That’s something this woman in the Dominican Republic learned the hard way when she tried to take a selfie with a goat who was tied up to a fence. To her credit, she realized that it could be a problem and tried to stay just beyond the leash’s length but made a slight miscalculation and paid the price for it.

After the goat walks over to her, recognizes it eyeing her up and not appearing to not be too friendly, probably due to a strange creature with its back to it, taunting it by being just far enough away that it can’t be touched. Or so that creature thought, who said the following right before the goat struck.

“It’s trying to headbutt me, bro!”

And headbutt her it did, lining up a perfect shot that connected right before the rope maxed out which sent her tumbling forward. No doubt there was a headache and some embarrassment in her very near future.

I get wanting to be close to animals, take some pictures, and maybe even pet them, but how about we make the the animal is open to that before starting the video? On second thought, keep the camera rolling so we can watch, there’s nothing like some good outdoors content thanks to people not knowing how to act.

Some people, man…

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