Young Girl Goes Viral For Staring Right Into Your Soul While Showing Pigs

show pigs

Just gonna get this out of the way: I know nothing about showing pigs.

I know about eating them. They’re delicious. But while they’re alive, I couldn’t tell you what makes a good pig or a winning pig or anything like that.

But what I can tell you is that this girl may be the most intense pig show-er of all time.

The young girl’s name is Karis Dadson, whose family runs Dadson Farms Show Pigs in California. And the 13-year old will absolutely stare into your soul while showing you her award-winning pigs.

@dadsonfarms Great night to show at western regionals #showpigs #hogshowman ♬ original sound – Animals funny ☠️

Videos of Dadson’s intense look while showing her pigs have racked up millions of views online, where the family has explained the art of showing pigs to curious viewers.

Apparently, when showing a pig, you’re supposed to maintain eye contact with the judge as much as possible, while directing the pig to remain in front of the judge and showing off all sides of the animal. So the result is the most intense-looking parade of farm animals you’ll ever see. Just a stare-off for the ages.

@dadsonfarms Livin the Dream! @AZ National Livestock Show #showpigs #pigshow #showmanshipchampion #champion ♬ Coming In Hot – Andy Mineo & Lecrae

Quite a few people in the comments on the videos even compared Dadson’s stare to the intense look that Tyler Childers has on his face while performing, which is actually a pretty big compliment.

“She taught Tyler Childers everything he knows”

“This them tyler childers eyes”

And others were just impressed at her ability to maintain her fierce look while also keeping the pig under control:

“The 4 Hs. Head, health, heart, and these hands.”

“Me watching my waiter take food to a different table”

“I’m going to start doing this while grocery shopping”

“She threatened the judge into winning”

“OK, where can I buy a jersey for this sport! I’m going all in”

Every time I see a video like this and learn something new, I realize just how little I know about…well, everything.

Pig showing. Who knew it was this intense?

@dadsonfarms Replying to @Tesla doing what she does best! #showpigs #hogshowman ♬ original sound – Dadson Farms Show Pigs

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