Big Fish Nearly Knocks A Dude Out Cold

Guys gets slapped by a fish

That one is going to leave a mark…

There’s plenty of fish in the various waters of the world that I know nothing about, and after watching this video, I may have discovered one that I’d love to catch.

The tambaqui is a large species of freshwater fish found throughout South America but has been used in aquariums and various aquaculture exhibits throughout the world. They are typically around 2.3 feet long and weigh around 70 pounds, but can get close to 100 pounds under the right circumstances.

They look like giant piranhas but they are not carnivorous fish and mainly eat plant seeds and nuts. They can also live quite long, regularly reaching ages of 40 years with some having been observed to live for 65 years.

Any fish that can get close to 100 pounds is one I’d love to catch, but after watching this video, I realize just how dangerous they can be, even if they don’t have sharp teeth.

A group of fishers were out targeting tambaquis and wound up catching a big one. As you typically do after catching a trophy, the guy who presumably brough it in picked it up for a picture. Naturally, he had to use his entire body to lift it and the fish’s head was just inches from his own and while you may not think that would be a problem, we quickly learn that it is quite the problem.

The man is doing his best to secure the fish when it gives one quick shake of its head and smacks the man right in the face, which buckles his knees and nearly knocks him unconscious.

There’s no details on what wound up happening, but if I was in his shoes, I’d sure want to throw that puppy over a fire and eat him for dinner just to prove that we’re still on top of the food chain.

Even though they’re fish, this is proof to always be cautious around wildlife. You just ever know what a creature is capable of.

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A beer bottle on a dock