Rubi Rose Took A Trip To DC, Bet On Jordan Poole, & He Completely Imploded In The Wizards’ Loss

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Apparently the incentive of attractive ladies no longer drives Jordan Poole to thrive on the basketball court. Maybe it never did, and the Washington Wizards guard is just a streaky, overrated player.

Rubi Rose was in DC on Friday night and decided to throw down an ambitious parlay, with one of the legs being Poole’s Over 16.5 points.

Needless to say, our guy did not even sniff that total. In a humiliating “performance” if you could call it that, Poole bricked nine of his 11 shots from the field — including all six attempts from 3-point range — and managed just eight points in a 120-99 loss to the Knicks.

Poole had only four assists to five turnovers, too. Tough…

Worth acknowledging that this mega parlay by Rubi Rose is proof that she knows ball. The bet was only broken up by Giannis Antetokounmpo — it’s sick that I know how to spell that without Googling — going way over his assist total and Poole’s poor play.

At least Rubi could take some solace in the Greek Freak’s nine-dime night. A superstar simply had a strong outing. In Poole’s case? Dude just straight-up SUCKED.

In case this whole saga and relevance of this story lost on the average fan, a little context incoming. Poole went viral for apparently ogling two young women seated courtside at a Warriors game once upon a time, and proceeded to do his best Steph Curry impression.

The Internet ran with that, suggesting that Poole needs a little female motivation to play his best. Funny enough, he once shot his shot with Zendaya.

All the way back in 2019, Poole tried to pull off a double date with Zendaya and couple-at-the-time Klay Thompson and Laura Harrier. Didn’t work out as far as we know.

So when Zendaya pulled up with Tom Holland to Game 2 of the Warriors’ Western Conference semifinals showdown with the Lakers, this whole situation took on a life of its own.

@locoprezident43 Poole fumbled Zendaya 🥶 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #nba ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

To be abundantly clear, contrary to that TikTok caption, Poole didn’t “fumble” Zendaya. No one in their right mind would date Jordan Poole over Tom Holland. Give me a break. Poole did fumble on the court with only six points and five fouls in 16 minutes. Maybe a tad overeager?

So yeah, much ado about very little when it comes to Poole and these alleged performance issues in front of lady celebrities. Nevertheless, it’s still fun to laugh at. This was my favorite reaction of all from what went down last night:

Poole has also been objectively terrible in his first season with the Wizards.

I guess essentially forcing your way out of a championship organization via trade isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Think about how much of a full-blown tool Poole has to be to get Draymond Green to punch him in the face in a practice setting. I know there are stories of Michael Jordan getting into fights, but like…Poole just seems like the worst, doesn’t he? Hard guy to root for.

Now he’s the “alpha” on a 2-10 squad, shooting 39.2% from the field and 27.8% from deep. NICE.

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