Wynonna Judd Has High Praise For 16-Year Old ‘The Voice’ Contestant Ruby Leigh: “Reminds Me Of A Patsy Cline”

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The Voice

Regardless of what happens to Ruby Leigh on The Voiceevery single coach and mentor is fawning over her talent.

The 16-year-old has been more than impressive thus far in the season as a member of Team Reba, but this week’s knockout performance blew the coaches, including guest coach Wynonna Judd, out of their seats.

And coming from one of country music’s powerhouse voices, Wynonna Judd‘s praise of the young artist has to be pretty special.

Before the knockout round, Wynonna made an appearance during their practices and spoke highly of Leigh:

“For her being sixteen…oh my gosh. 

She obviously reminds me of a Patsy Cline. Something there is very spectacular, and I think she’s got such a future.” 

During the rehearsal, Judd and McEntire have huge grins on their faces, knowing they have a country music gem on their hands. The challenging song choice of “Blue” by LeAnn Rimes shows off the young star’s vocal range and yodeling skills.

“That is so gutsy; I admire you so much. I’ve got goosebumps…I say “Amen” because we need this kind of music. Make sure your low notes are just as healthy as your high ones.”

The other judges were in awe of her as well. John Legend could not fathom how her voice is so perfect at a mere 16 years old.

“Your voice has this power and roundness, and you’re so perfect for team Reba.”

I am eating up that classic country sound has returned to mainstream television and hope to see great things from this young talent.

16-Year-Old ‘The Voice’ Contestant Ruby Leigh Blows Cover Of LeAnn Rimes’ “Blue” Out Of The Water

This is how you do a  LeAnn Rimes cover.

I’m not sure if it is the addition of Reba McEntire being a coach this season, but The Voice has highlighted some excellent country music performances this far into the season. While there have been great acts, this one caught my eye.

During the knockout rounds, one of this season’s young contestants, Ruby Leigh, who is on team Reba, stepped up to the plate with her song choice, covering the challenging track of LeAnn Rimes’ “Blue.”

The 1996 hit from Rimes highlights her yodeling ability with the challenging vocal slides in the song’s chorus. Fans instantly took to the melancholy track as it skyrocketed to number three on the all-genre chart and went to number one on the country charts. The song, highlighting how lonely going through heartbreak can feel, hits you in the stomach as her vocals almost mimic the wails of someone crying.

Ruby Leigh carries that same feeling throughout her performance.

The vocal range this Foley, Missouri native carries is astonishing, combined with her vocal control throughout the long, drawn-out notes and intense vocal slides. She nails every single note, leaving the judges looking impressed.

Throughout the performance, Reba beams as the young star from her team kills the performance. You know she has to feel proud to represent a country artist who has clarity in her voice like the stars of the 1960s.

They don’t make them like this anymore, and Ruby Leigh has something special.

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