Comedian Bert Kreischer Tackled A Protestor At Las Vegas Golf Course During Live TV Broadcast

Bert Kreischer

In this day and age, it’s pretty normal to have a rogue protestor burst into a public event to act as a voice for a cause, though I’d have to say it’s abnormal to have a comedian put a stop to it.

You might’ve missed it, or possibly never even heard about it, but this week the streaming giant Netflix dipped into the waters of live sports television with something they called the “Netflix Cup.”

Piggybacking off the success of their docuseries surrounding F1 Racing (Drive To Survive) and the PGA Tour (Full Swing), Netflix decided to pair F1 drivers and professional golfers together for a fun, unique combination of golfing and racing.

And though the presentation and product was met with mixed reviews, there was one moment that came from it that has taken the internet by storm.

As the golfers and F1 drivers were set to tee off, and were walking to their opening hole, a protestor stormed the tee box to voice their concerns about… something. The audio through the broadcast was unintelligible, so hopefully she got her point across to the people that were there.

The protestor was eventually met by security, and then swiftly taken off the premises of the golf/racing tournament. And strangely enough, one of the first people that raced out to subdue here was none other than comedian Bert Kreischer.

As Carolos Sainz and Justin Thomas walked onto the teebox, the cameras showed them smiling as they watched the protestor flail in the arms of security, only because they then realized that said security was the legendary comedian Bert Kreischer.

In the clip below, you’ll briefly see Bert bear hugging the protestor shortly after you could hear him yell “get over here.” Clearly Kreischer was not going to have someone stand in the way of the Netflix Cup.

Take a look:

Way to go Bert!

And just in case you needed another angle of Kreischer working as an impromptu bouncer for the Netflix event, we’ve got you covered with another close up, freeze frame clip:

The comedian was acting as an on-course correspondent for the event, and though “security guard” probably wasn’t in the job description, he jumped into action anyways.

Kreischer took some time to talk with celebrity Mark Wahlburg shortly after he helped control the protest situation. Wahlburg made sure to point out that what Bert just did was a little bit above his pay grade:

“You don’t have to be security, you know that right?”

Bert nodded his head and responded:

“Yeah, I know. There was a fight that broke out. I’m sweating already.”

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