The Wilder Blue Teams Up With Luke Combs For Sensational Cover Of The Eagles’ “Seven Bridges Road”

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The Wilder Blue

Turn this one UP.

Luke Combs is on a streak of collaborating with artists on hit songs, giving them a new life, and I am so here for it. After his “Two Dozen Roses” collaboration, Luke Combs has teamed up with The Wilder Blue to deliver another classic track in a new light.

“Back in mid-2020, our band was surprised one day to see a tweet by Luke Combs talking about how much he liked our record “Hill Country.” We had never met him and had no idea he knew our music existed.”

After the release of their debut critically acclaimed album, Hill Country, The Wilder Blue made it known from the start that they would be a known name in country music.

The five-piece band native to Texas turned the heads of industry heavy-hitters like Combs. Little would they know that a few Tweets back from 2020 would lead to what transpired in the years to come.

“Fast forward another couple years, and we’re in the studio in Dec. 2023 with our buddy Brent Cobb producing. Brent suggests that we reach out to Luke and see if he’d be interested in being involved creatively somehow with this record. Turns out Luke was into it! He said he’d love to sing on a track with us. We recorded “Seven Bridges Road” that week and felt like it would be an epic song for Luke to do with us.”

With The Eagles’ version of “Seven Bridges Road” being filled with lush harmonies, the track made perfect sense for the group to collaborate with Combs on. The group started reworking the composition of the track to fit both their and Combs’ Western roots, giving the cover a bit of their own flair.

“Another six months or so went by before our schedule, and Luke’s lined up and he was able to record his vocal. We couldn’t believe it was really happening! Another six months or so has gone by waiting for the album to officially come out, and in the meantime, we’ve found out we’ll be doing 12 stadium dates with Luke next year…” 

The Wilder Blue then share how much of a full-circle moment this project turned into from a song featured to added tour dates with one of country music’s hottest names.

Today we are self-releasing the single “Seven Bridges Road” on all platforms. For an independent band that does all the jobs ourselves, it’s pretty dang exciting to see the influx of new listeners. It’s all thanks to Luke and so many other folks taking the time to spread music they care about.

I like the direction country music has been headed in for a while and I’m just proud we can add our voices to the ongoing, ever-changing chorus of songs. Get ready for our album “Super Natural,” which drops next week, and thanks so much for being a part of our journey.”

Their cover of “Seven Bridges Road” is downright incredible. From the melt-your-face-off harmonies to the reworking of the composition to highlight the traditional rock song in a new light, every detail that went into the making of this track is spot on.

I really appreciate that it seems like Combs took a back seat, still letting The Wilder Blue be the focal point of the track. While you can still hear Combs loud and clear towards the end, he is intertwined with the other vocals, making it seem like one cohesive group instead of a collaboration.

This track is a massive win for the independent artist community, showing that the big dogs of country music are paying attention to the smaller, yet extremely talented, rising artists. In other words… THIS is damn good country music.

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