Swamp Puppies In The Woods? Florida Hunter Charged By Aggressive Alligator While Scouting Whitetail Deer


Maybe this swamp puppy just wants to be a hunting dog…

By far the most popular hunting season in the US is for whitetail deer. While each state has its own seasons and regulations and whatnot, many begin as the fall fades into winter, which means we are just about to enter the heart of it for many places around the country.

Whitetail season in Florida is split into 4 zones, and Zone C, which is much of the middle of the state, General Firearm season runs from November 4th to January 21st, which is where I believe this video comes to us from.

A hunter was out scouting land in preparations for a hunt, and while he was obviously hoping to spot some wildlife, the type of wildlife he ended up running into was quite different than what he was hoping for.

Despite being over a mile from the nearest lake, Dave Salem ran into a large aggressive alligator in the middle of the woods…

Now, it’s not the first time we’ve seen a gator in the woods (this monster plopped down on a corn pile in the middle of Georgia) but it was the first to my knowledge that I’ve seen a gator charge at a hunter.

The gator opened its mighty jaws and takes a few strides towards the hunter, who obviously freaks out a bit and backpedals away. Fortunately for him, it was happy that he didn’t get closer and went off about its business, but my goodness you certainly don’t expect to see one of these guys when you’re not near water…

His reaction was pretty much what any of us would have done, albeit it keeping his calm like only a Florida Man can do.

“Holy smokes. Holy sh*t! Wow. That is not what I want to run into.”

My heartrate is still elevated just from watching…

All’s well that ends well and it looks like Salem was able to bag, or at least help a friend bag, a whitetail a few days later, but man, if alligators start expanding further and further out of water, us humans are going to be in for a rough go of it…

If you’re heading into the woods down south this year, just keep an eye out for these monsters. Turns out, they can literally be anywhere…

And the deer they were able to get shortly after

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