Retired Army Helicopter Pilot Rescues RC Airplane Stuck In A Tree: “Them Guys Are F**king Tripping Right Now”


I wish I had half as much confidence as this pilot has flying a helicopter. You’ll never see me in a helicopter. I just don’t trust them, and there have been too many examples of things going wrong for me to sign up to take a ride in one of those deathtraps.

But while I’m over here hypothetically worried about helicopters, the pilot of the chopper in this video could not be more comfortable flying around and willingly putting himself and his co-pilot in danger, just for the fun of it.

Apparently this guy is a retired army pilot, which would help explain his confidence in this risky situation. What was he willing to risk his life for, you might be asking?

Well, as he and his co-pilot were flying around, they noticed that someone below them was flying a RC model airplane and accidentally got it stuck in some treetops. The video actually provided their realtime commentary when they saw it happen:

“Someone’s flying a little RC airplane down there. He’s got himself a little runway map. That’s just perfect. I love it.

Uh oh, he just crashed the b*tch. He just crashed. I swear to God it did, right in the trees, and it’s stuck up there.”

Now a normal person would just say “man, that’s too bad” and go on with their day, but this retired army pilot is no normal person. He saw someone in need of help, and knew that he and his helicopter could help solve the problem.

After swinging the chopper back around to make sure the RC plane was stuck, the pilot asked his buddy:

“Yep, she’s in the top of the trees. You know how cool it would be if we can scoop that thing out of the tree for him?”

This is where his buddy should have laughed and said “yeah, but that would be crazy.” There’s absolutely no good reason why they should have tried to save the toy airplane from the tree tops, but that’s exactly what they did.

The pilot, who may have been instructing at the time, took over the controls and began to bring the helicopter down right over the top of the tree that the RC plane was stuck in, getting close enough so that the other person not piloting could reach out and grab it:

“I’ll try to get you to grab that wing tip. I’m (going to) put most of the helicopter right down here in the bushes.”

Against all odds, the guy dislodges the RC plane out from the tree and pulls it into the helicopter. Once they have it, they fly down to the field where the people were controlling it from to return it to the owner who thought they had lost their model plane forever.

“Them guys are f**king tripping right now, you know that?

They land the chopper in the middle of the field, and the people on the ground are astounded that the helicopter took the time and the risk to retrieve the RC plane. Thank you’s are exchanged shortly before the chopper takes back off, and the pilot laughingly says:

“If that ain’t the sickest f**king thing you’ve ever done, huh? That f**king sh*t was sick.”

I can agree. That f**king sh*t was, indeed, sick.

Take a look:

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