Social Media Goes Wild Over The Bills’ 12 Men On The Field Penalty In Loss To The Broncos

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills might’ve orchestrated the most chaotically disorganized choke job of a finish to an NFL game in the sport’s history on Monday night. This franchise is a four-consecutive Super Bowl loser, and has a quarterback in Josh Allen who can’t get out of his own way.

Now, folks are wondering who or what or where to place the blame for one of the most hilarious gridiron gaffes you’ll ever see. Long story short, the Broncos had zero timeouts, rushed their field goal unit onto the field for a would-be winning kick, only for Denver kicker Wil Lutz to go full Scott Norwood on that motherf*cker and push it wide right (sorry Buffalo, too soon?).

…Problem is, the Bills had 12 men on the field, resulting in a penalty, and a subsequent successful kick by Lutz to help the Broncos prevail 24-22. Thank you Awful Announcing for being so quick on the uptake!

This was already such a strange game filled with inexplicable turnovers, incredible playmaking like Courtland Sutton’s damn near never-in-history TD catch on fourth down.

Given that the Bills are gonna Bill at some point, I guess more of us should’ve been prepared for the concluding calamity. Thing is, I don’t think anyone could’ve foreseen this comedic carnival of errors.

Aaaaaand oh my. The quick-trigger Twitter finger artists were on their game to snap off some great reactions as the madness unfolded.

Some pour soul was about to win a survivor league if the Bills prevailed, too.

Congrats, Broncos. First win in Buffalo since 2007 if historians on X social are accurate. Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, Bills Mafia. WOOF.

So yeah, the AFC is a stacked sh*t show of pretty high-quality teams featuring 11 with at least five wins. Can’t believe everyone’s darling preseason Super Bowl favorite Buffalo is tied record-wise with the Josh McDaniels-firing Raiders and the Gardner Minshew-led Colts. Tough look.

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