Riley Green Says That If Country Music Hadn’t Worked Out, He’d Want To Be A UPS Driver

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Riley Green

Do you ever wonder what your favorite country music artist would be up to if they didn’t make it with their music career?

While most people’s backup plans often follow suit of the creative side of the brain that many artists utilize heavily, Riley Green‘s alternative career choice stems from a different reason.

Recently, Riley sat down with Brittany Rose for 100. 7 The Tiger’s radio segment, “Off The Record,” where artists talk about things that might not be covered in a typical interview. You know, those pressing non-music related questions that allow fans to get to know the person behind the microphone a little better.

Riley Green was asked what his alternative career would have been if he didn’t fully pursue country music, and he responded quickly with his dream backup career.

“I’d definitely be a delivery driver for UPS.”

The host seems surprised at this answer, and Green then goes on to explain why he’d want to do this job.

“I always wanted to do that. Everybody’s always happy to see the UPS guy. There’s not many jobs where everybody is always happy to see you.”

He is right about that: There’s no better feeling than seeing that big brown truck pull up with the package you’ve been waiting for. It’s like waiting up all night for Santa when you were a kid.

Of course, there is a tiny small percentage of the population that rages at UPS drivers when their packages don’t arrive. Thankfully, for Green, I think that the customer service line takes more heat for those instances than the drivers, so he wouldn’t have to deal with those people.

Maybe UPS should consider bringing on Riley and let him live out his dream? While his Gildan commercial had his fanbase hot and heavy, his fans can now drool over the idea of Riley Green boppin’ around town in that khaki uniform.

@otr_tiger I think we can ALL agree that we’d be happy to see @Riley Green no matter WHAT the circumstances are 😍🤣 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #rileygreen #rileygreenmusic #cma #country #countrymusic #countryboy ♬ original sound – Off The Record

Riley Green Makes His Debut As An Underwear Model In New Ad Campaign

A very happy national underwear day, indeed.

Riley Green made his debut as an underwear model today for Gildan, a clothing line that makes all sorts of staples like t-shirts, socks and of course, underwear.

He recently revealed that he was going to be an underwear model, and now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for… some of the photos are in.

Gildan shared a post on Instagram announcing Riley as their newest brand ambassador earlier this morning, as well as sharing some of the campaign photos:

“We’ve been waiting all year – and today’s finally the day! Happy National Underwear Day! To celebrate, we’d like to introduce you to our newest brand ambassador, country music star Riley Green!

Our quality basics and Riley’s chart-topping tunes are a match made in country heaven – one that formed naturally long before this partnership.

Together, we’re a perfect harmony of comfort, quality, and values.”

Their marketing team deserves a raise… and I think I officially have a new favorite holiday:

Riley previously admitted that the experience was a little uncomfortable, but that he wasn’t just modeling underwear during the photo shoot, and will be promoting some of their other basics like the white t-shirt in the photos above:

“I wasn’t really in my underwear the whole day, they got t-shirts and socks to make other stuff.”

He also admits that it wasn’t something he planned on doing at 34, but he joked that he’s “for sale” if somebody wants to pay him to model their underwear…

“If you know us, you know our favorite holiday is TOMORROW! And we have a huge announcement to make.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to find out who our newest brand ambassador will be… any guesses?”

It’s definitely a little bit surprising to see this duo, and it seems like Riley feels the same way, but I will tell you right now that I am not mad at it one little bit.

And in addition to this new venture, which might be the greatest pairing in country music since Waylon and Willie (I kid, I kid, kind of…), Riley is gearing up to (finally) release his sophomore studio album in October.

He debuted a new song from the tracklist at Rock the South a few weeks ago that was also inspired by one of his grandfathers called “My Last Rodeo”:

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