Arkansas Football Player Apologizes For Watching “The Polar Express” In The Locker Room At Halftime While His Team Was Losing 27-3

Arkansas football

If it were Christmas Vacation I could understand, but…The Polar Express?

Arkansas football has had a pretty abysmal season, currently sitting at 3-7 and last in the SEC West after a blowout 48-10 loss to Auburn this past weekend.

So you’d think the players would be doing everything in their power to turn it around, especially since their only shot at a bowl game was to win against Auburn on Saturday…right?

Well, maybe not.

Video circulating online shows players gathered around a TV in the locker room at halftime, not watching game film or going over plays, but catching the afternoon showing of The Polar Express on TBS.

Nothing more important going on, eh? (Arkansas was down 27-3 at this point).

Well Arkansas head coach Sam Pittman confirmed the incident, and says he addressed it with the player involved, seemingly referring to freshman DB Anton Pierce, who was standing at the TV:

“I’ve addressed it with the young man already. He made a mistake. Came in and was sorry for it.”

But the kicker that seems to speak volumes about the program is that Pittman says he didn’t even know there was a TV in there.

Seems like the head coach should know what’s going on in his locker room…especially if they’re watching Christmas movies at halftime.

I guess the good news for Arkansas players is that they’ll have more time to watch Christmas movies this holiday season now that they’re officially out of the bowl picture.

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