Patriots QB Mac Jones Savagely Pointed Out That One Reporter Was Bald At German Press Conference

Mac Jones bald joke

Someone needs to throw the flag on New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones here for “unnecessary roughness.”

If you did throw penalty flags in real life, this moment from a press conference in Germany would certainly be worthy of a flag. The Patriots are across the pond for a matchup against the Indianapolis Colts this weekend in another edition of the NFL International series, and Jones was talking to the media there when this happened.

The Colts and Patriots are facing off in the fifth and final game outside of the United States this NFL season, and though the contest doesn’t officially start until Sunday, there have already been some action packed moments.

Specifically, during time with the media, where Patriots QB Mac Jones called out someone that was bald. One of the media members raised his hand to present the young New England player a question and had a horrible slip-up, asking:

“Mac, this type of trip, what can it do for the team in terms of balding…bonding and maybe just a good type of distraction?”

Instead of answering the reporter’s question, Mac Jones instead decided to point at the shiny head of the man who had just accidentally said balding and replied:

“Balding! Haha, sorry. Yeah, exactly…sorry what was your question?”

Absolutely brutal…

Everyone in the room, including the poor man that slipped up asking the question, laughed it off, but you know that the reporter was probably hitting himself over that one.

Take a look:

Hopefully the guy that accidentally brought up balding has some thick skin, because he quickly became the butt of the joke. At least he can say he “had his memorable moment” during the interview, if you had to try and put a positive spin on it.

The whole thing felt like the classic trope of “jock picking on nerd,” and it didn’t get any better in the replies on social media:

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