MMA Fighter’s Entrance T-Shirt: “Trump Was Indicted Before Anyone On Epstein’s Client List”

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MMA Fighter King Bau came out for his brutal, bare knuckle MMA matchup last night, and he wasn’t the only thing that was fighting. His t-shirt picked a fight with the United States justice system.

It’s hard to not bring politics into this conversation considering that Bau decided to basically say something very loudly without saying anything at all. The MMA fighter exercised his right to free speech by utilizing a t-shirt, and if that’s not the American dream, I don’t know what is.

I will say, the message he chose to share was pretty controversial in nature. Most t-shirts I wear that have a message I want to share on it usually has something mundane, like Bart Simpson saying “don’t have a cow man.”

King Bau certainly caused some people to “have a cow” with the message he shared with the world as he walked to the MMA cage to fight another human being (I’m not much into MMA and the sport seems pretty archaic to me, but to each their own).

His shirt read:

“Trump was indicted before anyone on Epstein’s client list.”


I feel like I don’t really have to describe the whole Jeffrey Epstein thing. Surely everyone knows the drill about how horrible that entire situation is, and the many people that are still alive and allegedly connected to it.

As for former President Donald Trump, he was indicted on fraud charges in New York, a classified documents issue in Florida, a Federal election interference charge, and election interference in the state of Georgia.

This MMA fighter is using his t-shirt to question the swift nature of the justice system for that indictment, whereas the justice system has seemingly been slow to act on the alleged connections to Jeffrey Epstein.

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