“Try And Regift That Sh*t” – Jelly Roll’s Got Your Holiday Shopping Covered With The Perfect Gift Suggestion

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The gift that can’t be regifted.

As Black Friday nears and holiday shopping is about to be in full swing, your old pal Jelly Roll is here to give you all some quality gift-giving advice before the 2023 holiday season. With his easily identifiable face tattoos, Jelly Roll might be one of the most tattooed country music artists on the scene right now…or at least it has the most visible tattoos. so

Jelly Roll teamed up with Jimmy Kimmel for a hilarious parody Christmas skit, highlighting the gift that keeps on giving.

“Hi, I’m Jelly Roll, and if you’re like me, finding that perfect gift for everyone on your list can be overwhelming. And that’s why I’m so pleased to share with you a special gift that you can give to one and all…


He says, opening up the skit with his best Santa hat on.

While some might deem this gift unconventional, Jelly Roll brought in a few of his family members to share how much they love their tattoo gifts.

“The gift of fresh ink is a gift that lasts forever…just ask my family.” 

Need more time with your grandkids? Not when you have such a commemorative piece you can look at that reminds you of them. His grandma, MeeMaw, loves her mermaid tramp stamp.

“Uncle Jelly Roll got me an AC/DC face tattoo. Now he’s not allowed within 100 yards of me!”

Jelly Roll’s uncle got an upgrade from packs of cigarettes as Christmas gifts to nipple tattoos. Sounds like a sweet deal if you ask me.

“This holiday season, give them a gift they will never forget…because it’s permanently graphed on their skin. You’re welcome. Tattoos… try and regift that sh*t.” 

A few years back, my brother wanted to give me a tattoo for Christmas, and while that didn’t go over super well with the parents then, I think Jelly Roll’s promo video would have had them sold. Who needs to go to the mall when you can visit the ATM, Pinterest, and a dingy tattoo parlor?

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