Flatland Cavalry Turns ‘Wandering Star’ Into A Shining Star With Stellar ‘OurVinyl Sessions’

Flatland Cavalry

This just took the cake for my favorite OurVinyl Sessions. These West Texas boys do not miss.

The men of Flatland Cavalry met the OurVinyl team in Nashville, Tennessee, to film a stunning session at the Welcome to 1979 studio. The in-the-round style session is not only a beautiful cinematic viewing experience, but it lends the effect that you are sitting around a campfire watching a band jam instead of the entire studio production that it is.

The ’70s vibe of the studio makes it feel like you have stepped back in time watching the video footage.

“Flatland Cavalry was gracious enough to spend some time with us and perform live versions of “Spinnin’,” “Don’t Have to Do This Like That,” “Humble Folks,” and “Only Thing At All.”

This session was filmed and recorded live from Welcome to 1979 studios in Nashville, Tennessee.”

Since the release of Wandering Star, “Spinnin'” has been a track that I have been listening to non-stop, so when the session opened up with that track, I knew this would be special.

After kicking it off with their track from Wandering Star, they move into another track off their most recent album, “Don’t Have To Do This Like That.” The heartbreak song, slightly stripped back, packs a punch as Cleto sings the song about a dissolving relationship.

“It’s a shame we had to fall this far
To find the bottom of a broken heart
Ain’t nothin’ left down this path
We don’t have to do this
Have to do this like that…”

After the melancholy ditty, Cleto changes to an acoustic guitar and takes it back to 2016 for their hit “Humble Folks.”

They take it back to Wandering Star for the final song of the session, “Only Thing At All.” This track has quickly jumped to my top favorites from the album. I think this heartbreaker is one of my favorites simply due to the line:

“A shock to my system, a 50 amp fuse…” 

While clever, it’s such a fitting analogy for their industry. This track also highlights the insane range that Cleto has, and he showcases it beautifully in this session, nailing those high notes.

Flatland is one of the best in the Texas country game for a reason, and this session amplifies that.

Check it out:

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