Kids Go Viral For Their “Falling Joe Biden” Halloween Costume

Joe Biden Halloween costume

Who says kids aren’t creative with their Halloween costumes?

Every year we see some pretty imaginative costumes from the next generation, everything from a ’90s Tracy Lawrence to kids dressing up as rapper-turned-country star Jelly Roll.

Well this one doesn’t have anything to do with country music, but you’ve gotta give credit to these kids for their creativity.

A group of three friends dressed up as President Joe Biden, along with his two Secret Service agents. And to complete the look, the kids expertly pulled off Biden’s signature move: Falling down.

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Of course he also couldn’t resist the urge to go in for a sniff of some amused onlookers.

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And the costumed Biden even had some trouble following directions from his young security…

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Of course the internet was loving their creativity, with many in the comments proclaiming that this group won Halloween this year.

But the youngster wasn’t the only one who went political with their Halloween costumes: Jason and Brittany Aldean also decided to parody President Biden and former President Trump in their yearly Halloween video, pulling off a hilarious video of the two in a debate.

With Jason’s Donald Trump in handcuffs, he even breaks out Trump’s YMCA dance moves as Brittany’s Joe Biden wanders aimlessly around the stage.

The couple pokes fun at Biden, with the moderator having to remind the confused president:

“President Biden, when I say illegal aliens, it’s people. It’s not flying saucers.”

Jason then breaks out his best Trump impression while addressing illegal immigration:

“For three years, Trump tried to build a wall. I tried to build a wall. He didn’t want the wall. For three years he’s let people in, brought in drugs, crime, and some really bad dudes.”

“Biden” then chimes in:

“Corn Pop was a bad dude.”

Later on, Brittany’s Biden falls asleep on the podium as Jason’s Trump mocks “Sleepy Joe,” who wakes up once he hears Barack Obama’s name, but then gets distracted once again by an ice cream cone that appears from offstage.

The couple then poke fun at Biden’s economic policy and push for more funding for Ukraine:

“Our policy is one word: Make it rain in Ukraine.”

The debate wraps up with a reminder from Jason’s Trump, as Brittany’s Biden leans in to get a sniff of him:

“You elected this guy.

What you smelling, Joe? Smells like an ass whooping in 2024.”

Seems like President Biden was a popular costume for Halloween this year – even from the youngsters.

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