This Young Girl Absolutely Crushed Halloween With Her Tracy Lawrence Costume

Tracy Lawrence Halloween costume

When you’re a kid, there’s no more important decision that you’ll make than picking out your Halloween costume.

If you crush it, you’ll be a legend on the playground at school. And this girl? She absolutely knocked it out of the park.

TikTok user @stephymiller85 posted a video of her daughter’s Halloween costume. And no, it wasn’t a princess, or a witch, or a…well, I’m really not sure what little girls usually dress up as for Halloween.

But this little legend right here decided to go as a 90’s country music legend: Tracy Lawrence.

@stephymiller85 Out of all the girly costume ideas she chose to be Tracy Lawrence 😂 Paint Me A Birmingham #halloween #tracylawrence #nailedit #arkansas @Tracy Lawrence ♬ Paint Me a Birmingham (2007 Remaster) – Tracy Lawrence

Incredible. From the mustache to the flowing blonde locks to that beautifully ugly 90’s country shirt, I think Tracy himself would be proud of this one. And in fact, he even commented on the video, calling it “awesome.”

Looks like there’s hope for the younger generation after all.

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