Owl Snatches Stick-Horse & Has Been “Riding It” Around Town Ever Since

Owl steals horse toy

Who said animals can’t dress up for Halloween? Some unfortunate dogs and cats get dressed up for the holiday whether they like it or not, while some wild animals watch on and can only wish they had an owner to put a costume on them.

That’s why this owl decided to take matters into its own talons, and swiped a stick horse (presumably from a trick-or-treater) so that it could go as one of the following characters:

– John Dutton from Yellowstone

– A generic cowboy (or cow-owl, if that makes sense)

– John Wayne

– Woody from Toy Story

Those are just my best guesses as to what the owl was thinking for its costume. No one knows for sure what the owl was going for, but considering two of those would need the owl to have watched TV, going with a generic cowboy might be our best bet.

That’s all speculation, but one thing we do know for sure is that this owl will not let go of this stick horse. At first, it looks like it might be some sort of “owl witch” riding a broom, though pictures have shown that it is, in fact, a stick horse and not a witch’s broom (plus why would it need a broom to fly if it can already fly in the first place?).

And I bet you saw that post and thought “oh man, I just wish there was a video of the owl flying around with the stick horse.” Guess what? There is, and it’s magnificent.

In the pictures above, you can see that the owl is clearly and emotionally attached to the horse toy, but you don’t really get the full effect unless you see the owl in motion. I guess one costume we didn’t think the owl could be going as is a “flying horse,” which is certainly a great costume, and an original idea.

You can view the spectacular video of the owl flying through the air with its horse toy in the video below:

Happy Halloween everyone.

May you either wear a costume or eat a bunch of candy and be as happy as this owl with a stick horse.

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