Young Hunter Comes Face To Face With Cow Elk Who Comes Within A Few Yards Without Noticing Him

Young bowhunter encounters elk
Madd Chadd

Whatever camo you are using my friend, this is a ringing endorsement.

It’s hard not to love seeing kids getting out there and getting after it. Having the next generation get into the great outdoors and find a love for hunting is extremally important, not only the continuation of the sport and tradition, but the conservation of the animal and habitat. And the easiest way to enter the sport is when you’re young, and have the guidance of an experienced family member.

And there’s no better way to get someone hooked then having an up close experience with an animal as cool as an elk. Elk are the second largest member of the deer family and a favorite of hunters far and wide. They can reach weights of 1,000 pounds and are great to eat. Some might even call them the best tasting game meat known to mankind.

Hunting them is a great experience that often involves hiking into the mountains to areas where they live. Hunters imitate their calls to try and draw a bull elk to them in hopes of harvesting large and mature bulls. It’s definitely not easy, and not exactly an amateur hunt, but getting out into the woods to hunt these majestic beasts can lead to some incredible experiences.

Close encounters to these animals are rare and exciting, to say the least. It takes skill and patience to let animals get close, you have to let them come to you. This young hunter showed us what that was all about.

While out for a bow hunt, these folks came across a cow elk. The elk moved in on them, coming straight at the young hunter. He doesn’t budge and the elk moves within a few yards even looking right at him. She knows something is up, and her nose seems to be working overtime, but she can’t quite decide if she is in danger or not. She flinches a few times, still uncertain of what she is smelling, and she definitely doesn’t see the kid who sits stone still just a few feet from her face.

She continues to investigate and eventually catches onto what’s happening and bolts off into the woods.

What an amazing experience… you just gotta love hunting.

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