Charles Wesley Godwin Releases Beautiful Live Performance Video Of “Willing And Able”

Charles Wesley Godwin country music
Youtube/Charles Wesley Godwin

I can’t get enough of these live performance videos.

Charles Wesley Godwin recorded his major label debut album Family Ties at Echo Mountain in Asheville, North Carolina, and has been putting out some awesome, live performances over the last several months from inside the studio that are incredible.

And today, he released one for “Willing And Able,” a gorgeous song written by CWG about how he’s stepping up to be a man for his family, doing what he has to do to make a living, though he misses his lady back home and those little moments that mean the most.

His strong, haunting voice of course sounds impeccable, and the setting of this studio in an old church with the stained glass behind his band brings a cool weightiness to the visuals and meaning of this song.

Faith and being there for family is a huge theme throughout his new record and obviously something that means a lot to Charles, and I think these videos are the perfect way to encapsulate what these lyrics mean and allow people to feel and relate to it in a powerful way.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be mad if he released a live album with these recordings too…

Check it out:

“Willing and Able”

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