Business Partners Land MASSIVE 1,500-Pound Tiger Shark In South Carolina

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If you work in the corporate world, then there’s a good chance you’ve been on a paid-for work trip with several of your co-workers.

Many of these work trips include team building exercises, and lucky for this group, they didn’t have to do some awkward trust fall exercise in an office building. Instead, they got to go deep sea fishing…

And needless to say, it turned into a trip that they’ll never forget.

According to For The Win, a group of South Carolina business partners took a deep sea fishing trip in Hilton Head, and landed a MASSIVE tiger shark that was estimated to be around 1,500 pounds.

Captain Chip Michalove, the owner of Outcast Sport Fishing, was the one who took the group out on the guided trip.

He told the outlet:

“If that wasn’t a great team-building exercise, I don’t know what is.”

Michalove didn’t provide the names of the business partners, but said the group fought the shark for a whole 90 minutes before it appeared alongside the boat.

They snapped a few photos, and released the tiger shark back to its home.

Michalove wrote in a Facebook post:

“Hog sized tiger shark released yesterday with great customers from Spartanburg, SC. Largest one we’ve caught in years, 13 footer. Always helps when you have a pastor on the boat.”

For some perspective, the tiger shark world record is a tie between a 1,785 pounds and 11 ounces in Australia back in 2004, and 1,780 pounds in South Carolina in 1964.

Michalove continued:

“It seems like every year the largest tiger is always the last tow weeks of October. Last year we lost an enormous one on Halloween.”

He said that he’s caught several tiger sharks of similar size over the years, but this one didn’t appear to have a tag or any other markings to indicate it had previously been caught.

Now these business partners will have a wild story to tell for the rest of their lives.

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