Snickers Brings Back Iconic Ad With The Help Of Kansas City Chiefs’ Andy Reid


So is every player and coach from the Kansas City Chiefs going to have their own commercial at some point?

First it was quarterback Patrick Mahomes, then it was tight end (and Taylor Swift boyfriend) Travis Kelce, and now the lovable head coach Andy Reid is making his way into the advertising world.

And I’ll be the first to say that I don’t mind it at all. There’s actually a State Farm commercial that’s in circulation right now where Coach Reid is explained insurance through fast food terms, and I’d say that ole’ Andy stole the show.

Especially when her referred to chicken nuggets as “nuggies,” which for some reason gets me every time:

It’s a shame that it took 65 years of Reid’s life to finally realize that the man is an absolute movie star…or I guess a 30-second commercial star might be a more accurate description.

I do think that Reid can comfortably boast about his acting chops when he isn’t bragging about being a Super Bowl winning head coach. He showcased his acting ability in yet another ad, with this one being for the candy company Snickers.

Everyone loves a good Snickers bar (right?), and I’d say that love also carries over to the quality advertisements that the candy bar has been responsible for in the past. Remember the old “you aren’t you when you are hungry” spots?

This one, which is actually a remake from 1996 (I guess we’re even rebooting commercials nowadays), is in the same vein as the “you aren’t you” campaign, with this one’s tagline being “maybe you just need a Snickers.”

The commercial shows an NFL field painter working on one of the end zones for the Kansas City Chiefs with painstaking attention to detail, and once he finishes the job, he steps back to revel in the great work that he’s done.

That’s when Andy Reid walks up, pats him on the back, and says:

“Hey, that’s great, but who are the Chefs?”

The camera then pans to show that the end zone painter accidently left the “I” out of “Chiefs,” effectively making Patrick Mahomes and company the Kansas City Chefs. Great delivery from Reid, and as funny as the idea was when they did it back in the 90’s.

Take a look:

And if you wondering what the original Snickers commercial from 1996 looked like, I was able to track it down and linked in it below.

The updated one didn’t stray too far from the 1996 version:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock