NBA Superstar Nikola Jokic Is Spending Training Camp Scouting Horses During Practice

Nikola Jokic NBA

It’s no secret that star Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic was the face of the NBA last season with not only his insanely good play on the court, but his intriguing personality.

Seriously, Jokic is probably the most nonchalant NBA star I’ve ever seen, who just brushes off his big games and major pop culture and world events like they’re nothing.

And to kick things off this year, Jokic went viral for looking absolutely un-thrilled to get back on the court after getting back from Serbia.

I mean most NBA stars walk into first day of practice in some wild outfit, acting like they own the place. And after an insane 2022-23 season, Jokic was wearing a sweater and gym shorts while moping to the locker room…


If you aren’t too familiar with the 28-year-old, Jokic is a big horse guy as well. The guy grew up around horse stables and races in Serbia, and owns a number of them himself.

After winning the NBA Finals last year, Jokic was even anxious to get back home to his horses, having no interest in celebrating his championship:

And it seems like he wasn’t exactly ready to get back to work, with a video going viral of Jokic sitting on the bench at practice, scrolling through his phone.

Teammate Jamal Murray asks him what he’s doing, and he responds:

“I am scouting horses.”

Murray asks how many he has, and Jokic says:

“Right now, like seven, eight, 10, 12.”

We all see a future NBA Hall of Famer, but Jokic just sees this as a normal 9-5 job to support his love for horses.

Check it out:

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