New York Giants Player Justin Pugh Announced Himself As “Straight Off The Couch” On SNF

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The football season is going by way too fast, which gives all the more reason to cherish a funny moment like this one from last night.

For all those people that were “waiting all day for Sunday night” yesterday, they were treated to a surprisingly good game between the Buffalo Bills and the New York Giants. A lot of analysts thought the game would be a blowout on paper in the Bills favor, but the game actually came down to the very last play.

In case you missed it, this is how the contest wrapped up last night, with the refs letting some contact in the end zone slide after they had already thrown a flag for pass interference on the previous play.

You can take a look and see what you think:

Should pass interference be reviewable in the last two minutes of each half? Did the refs not throw a flag for pass interference there because they had just thrown one on the play before? Those are the questions that are bouncing around the sports world and sports talk shows today.

This is my favorite part about professional sports and referees. If the refs do throw a flag again right there, and the Giants score on their second attempt, everyone would disgustedly say “the refs decided the game and gave it to New York.”

However, they decided to let the boys play, and didn’t throw a flag on what could be called defensive holding/defensive pass interference, and now everyone is saying they should have called it. A classic case of “you can’t make everyone happy.”

But one thing that did make people happy was a certain left guard for the Giants by the name of Justin Pugh. Every Sunday Night Football matchup takes time to introduce each team’s starting lineup, and a short video for each player let’s them say their name and what college they attended.

It’s not a “new thing” for players to say something other than what college they intended. In the past, players have shouted out their elementary school, and one guy even said “body made by Taco Bell.”

This one that Justin Pugh pulled off will definitely go down as one of the all-time Sunday Night Football intros, and could easily be the most self-deprecating. One of the reasons that many were counting out the Giants and thinking the Bills would run away with the game was the multitude of injuries New York was facing.

One of their big losses was from their offensive line, and caused the team to desperately reach out to some free agents that weren’t playing to help them out. They ended up calling on the services of Justin Pugh, and just based on his sense of humor alone (that’s important in football, right?), I’d say they made the right call.

Take a look at how Pugh introduced himself as the starting lineups were announced:

“Straight off the couch.” Great delivery there by Pugh, and he didn’t play all that bad for someone that was sitting at home just two weeks ago.

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