The Browns Decided To Pick A Fight With The 49ers Before Kickoff, And Triggered The Wrath Of Trent Williams

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You know…if you’re the Cleveland Browns, you should probably do anything possible to get in the good graces of the football gods. The divine gridiron forces that be already hate you. That’s been the case since you returned to the NFL since 1999.

Never mind the asinine collective decision you made to pay Deshaun Watson all that money and give up all that draft compensation for him. He’s not even playing today, by the way, against the NFL’s best team, the San Francisco 49ers.

Even if the Niners provoke you, Cleveland, don’t take the bait. Don’t do it. Not as double-digit underdogs — ….

Oh. Oh no.

As I write this, the Niners have already marched down the field to score an opening-drive TD, Watson’s backup PJ Walker was already intercepted, and the Browns got bailed out by a missed field goal off the pick. Not great, Bob.

Oh and by the way, once 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel and Cleveland defensive back Juan Thornhill really started mixing it up, 49ers offensive tackle Trent Williams came ready to PLAY:

Don’t think Elijah Moore had his head on a swivel well enough. Williams could’ve damn near killed that man. Best left tackle in the league against an underachieving playmaker who’s roughly half his size. For Moore’s fate and sake, good on Williams to pull up and not completely pulverize him into oblivion.

I swear, there’s enough bad karma working against the Browns to distribute across half the rest of the NFL. The last thing they need to be doing is antagonizing the opposition before the game even begins. Good luck to Cleveland. I guess. Tough scene.

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