Stephen A. Smith Calls Out Jada Pinkett Smith: “This Public Emasculation Needs To Stop”

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Is there anything happening in the celebrity world right now that’s stranger and more complex than Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s fake marriage?

Over the past decade, we’ve all probably heard and learned a little too much about the celebrity couple, and the latest news about Will and Jada “unofficially being divorced” since 2016 is absurd as it gets.

Don’t get me wrong, that revelation does make sense, considering that Jada Pinkett Smith has allegedly snuck around with younger men, and can’t stop talking about how Tupac was the love of her life, and basically throws Will Smith under the bus any chance she can get.

However, it makes absolutely ZERO sense considering the fact that Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars in a deplorable act of defense of his “wife,” whom Rock was making jokes about. Will even yelled:

“Keep my wife’s name out your f**king mouth.”

When instead, he probably should have yelled:

“Keep the name of my life partner who I’m technically and legally in a relationship with still, though we no longer personally and privately view ourselves as romantic partners, out your f**king mouth.”

I guess that’s a mouthful though, and probably would have caused even more confusion after, you know, you walk on stage and slap a legendary comedian in the face.

With a new book out, Jada has been doing all kinds of press which included her distancing herself from the infamous slap, calling Tupac her soulmate, and dishing more about their relationship than Will would probably ever care to hear.

And all that to get to the fact that nothing can happen on this planet without sports commentator Stephen A. Smith giving his two cents on the matter, and he finally entered the chat on the Will and Jada Pinkett Smith fiasco.

He tackled the subject on The Stephen A. Smith Show, and it’s pretty clear that he (like many of us) is siding with Will Smith:

“You want to mess with some dude that’s your son’s friend, as trifling as that might seem in people’s eyes. That’s your damn business.

You want to break up with your husband and all of this stuff? That’s your business. But this public emasculation needs to stop.

Jada, all you’re doing is elevating the level of vitriol coming your way, because it doesn’t matter what you say. There’s nothing, there’s nothing you can say to a man to justify what you have done to Will Smith.”

Yeah, what he said…

Will Smith, for the most part, has always been viewed as a respectable actor and human being, and all of this stuff with Jada has soured his public image a bit (especially with the slap).

Maybe that’s why he slapped Chris Rock? Because he was dealing with so much stuff behind the scenes and he finally erupted there at the Oscars? Still doesn’t justify the slap, but the math does add up there…

Stephen A. Smith continued to eviscerate Jada Pinkett Smith, saying:

“Every time I see Jada Pinkett Smith talk about Will Smith, I cringe. We kings…we ain’t here to be treated like that. You’re queens and you shouldn’t be treated like that either, and I get that.

Tell me anywhere, biblically, scripture wise, in any scripture where it encourages you to publicize your personal business for profit when it negatively affects your spouse.”

Add relational expert to Stephen A’s bonafides, he hit the nail right on the head with this take.

You can view his fiery delivery of his thoughts on Will and Jada Pinkett Smith below:

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