Purdue Student Drills 3 Field Goals During Timeout Contest As Actual Kicker Misses 3 FGs In Loss To Ohio State

Purdue football

When you’re Purdue, the margin for error is pretty slim, especially when you’re facing off with Ohio State on the gridiron. Underdogs by more than two touchdowns at home. Massive talent gap between yourselves and the Buckeyes, with all due respect. Can’t really afford to blow chances to get points on the board.

Now I get it. The conditions were unfavorable. Looks pretty blustery, soggy and rainy over there in West Lafayette. But Boilermakers kicker Julio Macias, poor soul, bricked all three of his field goal attempts.

But to make matters worse, a student drilled a 40-yard field goal and two other kicks through the uprights during a timeout.

WHAT. As if losing 41-7 in front of friendly fans wasn’t enough for Macias and Purdue to endure. To get shown up by somebody from the stands? Yikes.

This is the ultimate fan’s fantasy come to life, isn’t it? How many times have you ever beheld a team you’re pulling for put forth a horrendous performance, and think to yourself, “Damn, I could go out there and do better!”

Welp. This proud Boilermaker proved that he at least deserves consideration for a walk-on slot, if not a scholarship. I know. He wasn’t staring down the barrel with 11 supremely talented athletes on the other side of the ball trying to block his kicks. I get that.

Nevertheless, to have ice in your veins in inclement weather, in front of lots of people, and to execute the way this young cannon-legged, non-team member did? I couldn’t be more impressed.

Although Purdue has slid to 2-5 and 1-3 in Big Ten play, at least the school is investing in the future of the program.

Maybe that’ll help recruit more talent to the school — namely at the all-important position of kicker.

Actually, you know what? Upon further review, Purdue should stick with Julio Macias. At 6-foot-5, 230 pounds, the hulking freshman is decidedly not your average kicking specialist. I’m not trying to get on this dude’s bad side.

In fact, why don’t the coaches stick him at linebacker or something? Or could he be a plus-sized safety? Is he athletic? He’s got plenty of heft for it! And let’s face it, it’s pretty clear the Boilermakers need defensive help in a serious way.

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