Country Artists Share Their Hilarious Opinions On Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Romance

Taylor Swift
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Everyone is still up in arms about Taylor Swift’s budding romance with Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce.

Whether you’re for the coupling or not, the cold, hard facts show that newest power couple has caused quite the media storm. From Kelce’s jersey sales skyrocketing and surpassing Patrick Mahomes, Halloween costumes of the two becoming the next Kim and Kanye, even pending breakup songs being written, and the NFL riding that marketing train of Swift attending games….it’s everywhere.

Now that the NFL has gotten a slap on the wrist fromm Kelce for “overdoing it” with the Taylor Swift shots, the media storm may be finally calming slightly. But leave it to us exemplary employees at Whiskey Riff to stir it up again, asking some of our favorite artists their thoughts on the couple.

That’s right, folks; while attending Rebels and Renegades festival last weekend in beautiful Monterey, California, we asked some of your favorite artists their thoughts on the celebrity couple.

Buckle up because the answers are all over the board.

Brent Cobb

“I don’t know much about it. I think if they’re happy…I’m happy.”

Sierra Ferrell:

“I don’t think I know who Travis Kelce is…but Taylor Swift is great.”

Wyatt Flores:

“Welp, hopefully she doesn’t break his heart.”

Mike and the Moonpies frontman Mike Harmeier:

“I think I’d be more interested if she was dating José Altuve…or somebody on the Astros would be good.” 

(We later learned from chatting with Harmeier that he is a HUGE Houston Astros fan, so that comment checks out).

Whiskey Myers frontman Cody Cannon:

“I would have to say that…I definitely do not give a sh*t at all.” 

JD Clayton

(JD gave us the most unexpected answer of them all).

“I think that they are just a wonderful couple…I wish them the best…I think that they’re both super hot…I could be down for either.

No I’m just kidding.” 

I think it’s safe to say pop culture news is not at the forefront of your favorite artists’ minds.

They’re too busy cookin’ up new music ideas for us…

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