Braves Fan Makes Good On Promise To Get A Tattoo Of Final Score On His A** If The Braves Won Last Night

Braves fan tattoo

Incase you missed it, the National League Divisional Series game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Atlanta Braves was one to remember.

Phillies pitcher Zach Wheeler had himself a no-hitter going into the sixth inning, and the Phillies were leading 3-0. However, that all changed, and the Braves began to comeback. Braves third baseman Austin Riley hit a two-run homerun in the eighth inning, putting the Bravos ahead 5-4 going into the ninth.

And to cap it off, the Braves sealed the deal after centerfielder Michael Harris made a miraculous catch in the outfield, and was able to double up Bryce Harper at first base to end the game in wild fashion.

It was all you could ask for in a MLB playoff baseball game.

As I said earlier, things were looking bleak for the Braves through five innings, and it appeared that they were going to go down to the Phillies 2-0 in the best of five series.

So much so that X user who goes by the name “average panthers enjoyer” tweeted this out:

“If the Braves win this game I will tattoo the score on my left a** cheek”

Sure enough, the Braves came back and won.

But, surely he was just joking, right? People make this joke all of the time, but hardly ever follow through with it. Not to mention, this is just one game in a best of five series, that may ultimately mean nothing if the Braves don’t win the series.

However, “average panthers enjoyer” is a man of his word, and he didn’t let his followers down.

He followed up the tweet by saying:

“I am a man of my word”

Sure enough, there it is. A good ol’ final score with the Atlanta “A” tattooed right there on his tush for the rest of his life. I suppose he could’ve added the year for a little extra context, but either way, you have to respect the commitment here.

Check it out:

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