Pennsylvania Man Riding A Tractor Gets Arrested For DUI – And Then Gets A Second One 15 Minutes After Being Released

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George Jones

I’m not sure why people think that DUI laws only apply when you are behind the wheel of a regular vehicle.

Stories like this seem to always happen, even though it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realizing that driving under the influence means driving anything under the influence.

We’ve seen people get arrested for driving under the influence in children’s toys before, as well as horses, and we can now check “tractor” off the list of weird vehicles to get arrested on.

And this story might be some sort of “DUI record” considering that this Pennsylvania man got arrested for two of them in a matter of only 30 minutes.

According to the Pennsylvania State Police, a man was arrested for driving a farm vehicle while under the influence. The 49-year-old man was taken into custody after after he crashed his 1974 International Harvester 4000 series into someone else’s Toyota Rav4 and fled the scene.

The man was reportedly at a stop sign and backed his tractor into the SUV, then tried to kick the tractor into high gear and flee the scene. You must be under the influence if you think you can outrun a car with a tractor from the 1970’s…

The Toyota Rav4 followed the tractor and called the police, and authorities eventually made it to the tractor’s location. When police got there, they arrested the man, but released him from custody.

Then, about 15 to 17 minutes after he was released from police custody, the man decided to roll the dice and climbed right back up in the tractor and started driving down the SAME road. Police responded to the area again and arrested him once again for driving the tractor while intoxicated.

Alcohol can make you do some crazy things, and apparently they can also make you do them twice. Not sure what the guy’s thought process was saddling back up in the tractor, but then again, there might not be a lot going on in your noggin if you get pulled over for a DUI twice in 15 minutes…

I guess somebody’s a fan of George Jones.

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