Deer Walks All Over Wet Concrete Foundation: “Seen A Lot Of Sh*t In My Life But I Ain’t Ever Seen That”

Deer concrete

I’ll save the bad “oh deer” puns for another time…

This would be a decent time to use it, but the joke just seems too easy, and it’s one of those that probably warrants more eye-rolls than laughter. Plus, everyone that is actually there in this video seems to be handling the situation pretty calmly.

In the clip, a house or some sort of structure was getting the concrete foundation set, and things were going pretty well. Pouring and smoothing concrete is a long, tedious project, and requires the utmost precision and care to ensure a flat surface.

Whoever did this home did a phenomenal job with the concrete foundation, and after it was all set and smoothed, the crew just had to wait for it to dry to move on with the construction process.

The only thing the people on the project forgot to do was “deer proof” the structure, or at least have someone stay by the drying concrete foundation to shoo away any animal that might wander up to it.

As you’ll see, the young buck strolled right up onto the concrete that was still wet and started leaving hoof marks all over the place. All the people there could do was sigh and know they’d have to fix the deer prints, and hope that the buck would get off the foundation before it caused anymore damage.

At one point, it appears that the deer leans down and licks some of the concrete, which can’t be good for the ole’ digestive system. Right after it does a taste test on the concrete, it allows the man filming to walk right up to it. Maybe that deer wasn’t all there mentally…

In the best part of the video (no argument), one man can be heard saying:

“I’ve seen a lot of sh*t in my life but I ain’t ever seen that.”

He also then laughs at his own joke, which can often be frowned upon, but for some reason this guy doing it gets a pass.

Take a look at the deer causing trouble below:

I still don’t understand why some deer go running for the hills if you move an inch in a tree stand, and then deer like this let people walk right up to them.

Makes no sense to me…

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