Colter Wall Teams Up With Yellowstone Creator Taylor Sheridan For Inspiring 6666’s Ranch Promo

6666's Ranch Colter Wall
Bud Force

Channeling his inner Sam Elliott.

It doesn’t get much cooler than being a real cowboy. I wouldn’t know from personal experience, of course, but watching shows like Yellowstone, while obviously an over-dramatization and glorification of cowboy life, gives the average person a glimpse into a completely different world that seems so wild, free, and all around… awesome.

As one of the biggest TV series in America, Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone doesn’t need much of an introduction, but to jog your memory, the last episodes of the show thus far saw the Dutton Ranch outfit heading from Montana down to the iconic Four Sixes Ranch in North Texas, where character Jimmy Hurdstrom had been sent to hone his craft as a cowboy. This was all done in an effort to lay the groundwork for a Yellowstone spin off series at the 6666 Ranch, but nevertheless, that’s where the show left off.

Unlike the fictional Dutton Ranch, though, the 6666 Ranch is a very real ranch that has been in operation since it was founded in 1870, and Sheridan, the writer behind Yellowstone, became an owner in the ranch a couple of years back. Spanning 350,000 acres, the ranch has built a name for itself over its long tenured history and come to occupy a special place within the lore of cowboy culture for its grandeur and longevity.

Well, to add to the 6666 Ranch’s fame and reputation, a commercial has come out recently that features footage of real cowboys working on the ranch and is backed by a narration from someone whose voice may sound familiar to country music fans, as they talk about what it really means to be a cowboy.

A Canadian artist who has become well known for his impressive songwriting, eerily deep vocals, and all around authenticity as a true rancher and unofficial ambassador of cowboy culture, it makes perfect sense that the narrator in question is Colter Wall, fresh off of his latest record Little Songs.

Given his voice, experience as a cowboy, and the connection between Yellowstone and underrepresented country music, Wall is the perfect man for the job on this one, and it’s awesome that they actually got him to partake in the project. And if you remember a while back, Colter Wall actually turned down an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience because he was busy ranching down in Texas… so it doesn’t get more legit than that.

Check out the commercial below, directed by Bud Force. Proceed with caution, though. Not only will this commercial flat out fire you up, it’ll make you want to quit your day job and get to ranching right away.

If only it were that easy…

While we can’t all be cowboys, we can at least all listen to cowboy music, and no one makes better Cowboy music than Colter Wall.

“Bob Fudge”

“Plain To See Plainsmen”

“Corralling the Blues”



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